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Chronic Confusion

"Crossing every line, emphasizing being upright, telling others to be straight when you’re crooked, trying to run when you’re surrounded by walls. I'm sorry that I'm both your umbrella and the rain. " - Tablo
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Kang Soyoung by Kim Youngjun for Grazia Korea May 2013
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why so handsome  
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its the bae!!!  aw  
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chenchen in die jungs


Tree Tour - Regarding each others’ existence
Yunho: In the past, I’ve said he’s a brother, a member, like the existence of that someone after getting married. Now, he’s another me. In Changmin, is someone that I long for. Because we are completely different, whether it’s our personalities or habits. Lately I’ve been feeling that as compared to a partner, he’s more like a “thing” which I consider (to be) myself. Yes, it’s really difficult to describe. Just, I want him to become mine. Changmin should feel the same, and want to make my merits his. [x]
Changmin: In my own eyes, I’m only focused on, “This person, Changmin, is lacking too much in this area.” But all these inadequecies, because there’s Yunho by my side to make up for them, (he) has helped me a lot. Or perhaps I can say, to be able to continue moving forward, it’s because he is leading me. If I start thinking, “Why can’t I do this on my own?”, my heart will also not be resigned to it. But it is precisely the fact that we’re able to make up for each other’s flaws that Tohoshinki was able to go on till the 9th year, and will also be able to continue from now on. [x]

whoa, stop for a moment, “I just want him to become mine”? Is that a marriage proposal?
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Favorite name intro credits | anon
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More like U-How  
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Heo Jae Hyuk by Kim Jin Yong
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aww i love(d) this drama  
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Kwak jiyoung for Dazed and Confused Korea July 2013
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New photo of Emma possibly for UN Women
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